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Mike Cherkassky ’17BUS, Stas Cherkassky, Laura Kornhauser ’17BUS, and Dmitry Lesnik founded Stratyfy to help enterprise customers better manage their data-driven decision process and allow them to evaluate, analyze, and implement high-impact decisions that fuel top line growth and margin expansion.

What is a decision process? Some familiar ones include applying for a credit card, getting an insurance quote, or receiving a loan. These decision systems are based on outdated architecture that makes them difficult to build, scale, and maintain. This lack of flexibility results in lower accuracy, under utilization of employees, limited information for managers, and frustrating customer service experiences.The Stratyfy Solution combines expert knowledge, in the form of decision rules, with machine learning technology to form a powerful and elegant decision management platform.  With its platform, decision drivers are visible, models are flexible and scaling is immediate.

With an infusion of funding from the Lang fund, Stratyfy is currently running a beta program with a select group of clients in the lending industry to polish its product and sharpen its technology, gearing up for an official launch towards the end of the 2017. Since its technology can be easily exported to different industries, Stratyfy will expand to other use cases after establishing itself in the lending market.