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Strive, founded by Varshil Patel and Ben Rashkovich ’15CC, is an early-stage education startup that provides college readiness tools and coaching to high school students and their parents.

College education is a cornerstone of the American Dream and the second largest financial decision that families make. Given that the average counselor-to-student ratio at U.S. public schools is over 450-to-1, there is a need for improved access to information and personalized coaching to help families navigate the college process. Strive aims to make the college process  an exciting inflection point for students: An opportunity for them to discover themselves and find best-fit colleges that will help them pursue their unique passions.

Strive currently offers high-quality, student-centered college counseling with a focus on college essay coaching. The company is also simultaneously building a comprehensive platform that leverages student & college data to help families make informed decisions about academic planning, standardized tests, college selection, college applications, financial aid, and scholarships. If you know of parents or students who need help with the college process, have them check out: