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Summerlakes is a search fund founded by Adam Aisen ’11CC.

Summerlakes seeks to acquire a single small, innovative technology business that is serving a growing market. Adam will take a full-time leadership role as the CEO of the acquired company, where he hopes to stay for many years. His goal is to work beside the existing team to build on the success, culture and legacy of the original founder.

According to the Small Business Administration, there were more than 30 million small businesses in the US in 2018, providing employment to over 58 million Americans. A significant number have never taken outside funding and are still 100% owned by their original founders. Selling their small business is a real challenge for many.

Millions of these founders are baby boomers hoping to cash out to fund their retirements. Others are young entrepreneurs who simply want to try something new. Most care about their legacy: they want the business they built over the course of their careers to stay an independent firm and don’t want to sell to a competitor. They also care about doing right by their employees, customers and communities. In short, these business owners want to sell their company to someone as committed to building their business and maintaining their legacy as they are. Summerlakes represents an opportunity for an owner to achieve these goals by selling their business to a fellow entrepreneur.

Summerlakes is backed by a group of investors with deep experience growing small companies, including nearly two-dozen current and former CEOs. Each is committed to providing advice and support to the business, as well as acquisition capital.

Visit the Summerlakes website to learn more. Business owners interested in selling their business, and those hoping to learn more about Summerlakes or the search fund model are all encouraged to reach out to Adam at