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The Socialer

After graduating college and relocating to new cities around the country, Ray Rangel ’10CC and his friends found it was difficult to become immersed in the local culture of their respective new neighborhoods. “At first, we thought this was an issue of finding new bars or restaurants, but we have discovered it is much more.  Assimilating is about finding new and interesting people to share experiences with” said Rangel. “The Socialer provides opportunities for all of us to get involved with our new communities.”

The Socialer is currently positioned in the marketplace as a “person experiences” application. “Essentially we make it really easy for tastemakers to host or discover unique and engaging events” said Rangel.

Ray Rangel ’10CC was a three year starter on the varsity football team and a political science major. Before Socialer, Ray traded natural gas in Texas and learned the value of anticipating macro trends affecting future market behavior.  He is now focusing on his venture, participating in a young founders group that he started, and is teaching a class at Wharton, a quaint little business school somewhere south of Manhattan.