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Try The World

Many of us love to travel and to try authentic foreign foods but not everyone has the time or money to do so. In a world where cultural intelligence is increasingly valued, Try The World offers an enjoyable, convenient, and affordable way to discover the greatest products and cultures the world has to offer.

Try The World is the first gourmet tour around the world delivered to your door. Members subscribe to receive a gourmet box from different cities including Paris, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro every 2 months. Try The World city boxes are also available for purchase on an individual basis as gifts. Founders Kat Vorotova ’14BUS and David Foult ’14SIPA believe that the two essential ways to discover new cultures are through food and art, so each box includes local hard-to-find premium food items as well as small mementos on authentic art and culture.

The company’s first product, The Paris Box, was launched in May 2013 to positive reviews from consumers and the media.

“The magic is in the box of items from a far-away place that arrives on your doorstep.  It’s as if a long-lost friend or relative is traveling the world and filled a box with interesting things to send you before they moved on to their next destination.”

Working with local experts, Try The World plans to continue to curate new city boxes as well as expand into new distribution channels. The company’s ultimate goal is to be able to send a box from every great city to every corner of the world.

Understanding a different culture can sometimes be challenging. A Try The World box will not make someone an expert in a new culture, but receiving a box of great food and art is a great start!

As a journalist in Moscow and Paris, and later as a food blogger in New York City, Ms. Vorotova found personal fulfillment in sharing her cultural discoveries with others via her writing, photography, and food tours. Combined with her professional background in strategy consulting, finance, and general management, Kat hopes to leverage rich content and stories to inspire curiosity about other cultures with Try The World. Kat is currently pursuing her Executive MBA at Columbia Business School.

Mr. Foult grew up in Paris and came to New York in 2012 to pursue his MPA at Columbia School of International and Public Affairs. He is an avid traveler and passionate entrepreneur. While completing his MBA in France, he created a microcredit company in Vietnam that allowed craftsmen in the countryside to sell their handmade clothing and locally grown foods in larger cities.