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Rising Columbia College junior, Ben Drucker, founded in 2012. The venture, formerly known as Twecare, assists nonprofits and political campaigns by maximizing the returns on fundraising events. “We identified a gap in how nonprofits and political campaigns take advantage of new technologies.” Said Mr. Drucker, CEO of and on-campus entrepreneurship leader. “To better reach their supporters, we built a product that makes it incredibly easy for any organization to launch an event-based fundraising drive, whether there are a few dozen or a few hundred attendees”. recently announced that Cory Booker is adopting their platform for his upcoming senate campaign, after raising over $5,000 in under a minute as part of a private beta test.

“President Bollinger’s office has kicked off a set of University-wide, entrepreneurship programming that will benefit students exactly like Ben. We’re pleased to be a part of it.” said Columbia College Dean James J. Valentini.  “We like the business that Ben is building but we especially appreciate the contributions he is making to the community of entrepreneurs here on campus.”

In June, 2013 customers had already raised more than $100,000 on the platform.  The company is currently looking to scale up to meet demand.

For more about visit If you work for a nonprofit, school or campaign, Ben would love to talk to you. Contact him at