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Visual Revenue

In 2010, Alex Poon ’06BUS and his co-founders self-funded Visual Revenue to help organizations leverage Big Data. Visual Revenue builds a real-time predictive analytics platform that makes human editors the most powerful force in today’s data-driven newsrooms. Backed by blue chip investors, the company’s first headquarters were located in the newsroom of the New York Daily News and subsequently the Associated Press. The team raised a seed round plus a series A round before being acquired by Outbrain in March 2013.

Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform on the web. Together with Visual Revenue, the company offers publishers an unparalleled end-to-end solution for optimizing all of their content pages across any channel, screen size and device, with both automated and editorially controlled solutions.

More than 250 media outlets around the globe use Visual Revenue. Customers include USA Today,, and Forbes.

“It’s not a tool that tells you what to do. It’s a tool that educates you about making wise decisions.” – Scott Baker, Editor in Chief, The Blaze.

Alex Poon is now a VP of Engineering at Outbrain. He loves data, real-time analytics and scalable systems.  Prior to Visual Revenue, Alex was a co-founder at a nano technology startup, Phoebus Optoelectronics.  During his career as a management consultant, he advised numerous Fortune 500 companies in the media and technology space. Alex began his career as an engineer at Lockheed Martin, building software for unmanned aerial vehicle and radio/wireless signal analysis.  Alex received his MBA from Columbia Business School. He also holds a MS and BS degree in Electric Engineering from WPI and Boston University, respectively. Zerg is his preferred race at Starcraft II.