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WorkHands, created by Patrick Cushing ’06SEAS, is a meeting place for the American workers who build, maintain, fix, and haul, heroes who spend their days getting their hands dirty to make our country run. WorkHands is where you can show off what you’re capable of building, fixing, maintaining, and hauling – online. Your online profile allows you to build your reputation. Share your photo, your craft, highlight your skills, promote your certifications, market your business and more.

Patrick currently resides in San Francisco, CA. He grew up assisting his father with the small business he owned. He observed and learned what hard work was and what it was to get the job done.

“Watching my dad spend that extra time to make it right was where I started to learn about what it meant to take pride in your work and, instead of just getting something done, getting it done right.”

“The kind of work my dad does, that millions of Americans like him do, is work that requires training and experience. It requires a dedication to working in all kinds of weather. It requires getting up at the crack of dawn or middle of the night because something’s gone wrong and needs to get done. It requires pride in what you do because at the end of the day, you can point to that house you built, that heating system you fixed, or those goods you hauled across the country. You can see those things. You can touch them. And they help people.”

WorkHands knows you take pride in what you’ve built, and they share that pride.