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Writer’s Bloq, Inc.

Writer’s Bloq was born from a desire to create a solution for a problem that Nayia Moysidis ‘11CC experienced herself: enormous obstacles to publication in the conventional publishing industry.

During her time as a student at Columbia, Nayia wrote a book and attempted to publish it by composing 93 individualized query letters to agents, publishers, and editors. She received 34 responses, 30 of which were uniform rejection letters. Naturally, this was deeply frustrating. When she spoke to her professors – all of whom are phenomenal, established writers now, they reassured her. They said that it took them many years to break into the industry and that’s just the way publishing goes. Instead of settling with that answer, Nayia decided to take action in her own hands. She spoke with hundreds of writers, went to work for a publishing house, researched the industry, and developed a solution.

Writer’s Bloq is a book accelerator. They function as a publicity partner, helping authors get discovered through creative spunk and digital dazzling. A long queue of books will be coming out in the next year, all of which are enticing pieces written by undiscovered authors.

Nayia Moysidis is a Greek Miami-native and with a degree in Creative Writing. During her time at Columbia, she worked at Film London in the United Kingdom, the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and spent a semester abroad in Australia. She has a relentless passion for adventure, travel, and creativity. She has worked for Simon & Schuster, Visa, and SportsMark, and has called New York home for the last 7 years. Follow her @NAYIAisms.