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Yottabytes Ventures L.L.C.

Joel Phillips ’14GS founded Yottabytes Ventures L.L.C. in the summer of 2012. Yottabytes is a small company with a big dream of creating well-designed mobile applications to set new trends in the way people communicate with their family, friends and colleagues through video.

Yottabytes raised a seed round in July 2012.  In May 2013 they released their first consumer-facing app for the iPhone called WhisperShout.  Since the release a number of enterprises have approached them about using their technology to help them address specific needs they have for visually rich communication. As a result, Yottabytes has begun to focus on offering these B2B and B2C solutions and is currently talking with several clients about a customized SaaS video messaging product using our unique technology.

Yottabytes is actively pursuing relationships in health, ed tech, and project management enterprises.  They are also beginning talks with investors and will be raising a Series A before the end of this year.

The company is based in Manhattan but operates internationally. The global culture and reach within the company gives them a unique creativity and ability to create resources demanded by a mobile and digitally connected global community.

Joel Phillips is a lifetime learner, adventurer, tech enthusiast, and entrepreneur. He currently attends Columbia University part-time studying Economics.  Most of his time is spent running Product and Marketing as a co-founder at Yottabytes Ventures, L.L.C.