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Zionex, co-founded by Hunwook Lim ’91SEAS in January 2000, has grown to become one of the leading vendors providing Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions in Korea and Japan, and now establishing its presence in Greater China region. Zionex focuses on developing and implementing innovative, reliable, and scalable SCP and production scheduling software for streamlining business processes at large and mid-sized manufacturing enterprises.

Zionex’s business is established on the premise that any company can convert into a fast-paced, nimble organization generating sizable profit. Zionex’s methodologies and systems can bring together multiple organizations in a supply chain network, through a flexible and extensible system integration and planning capabilities, resulting in substantial reduction in excess inventories while slashing operation costs.  Zionex covers a wide range of industrial verticals for ranging from high-tech electronics to consumer packaged goods to chemical industries.

Zionex consists of an exceptional group of supply chain professionals and software developers dedicated in building and implementing SCP solutions.  To find out more, please visit