Crunching the Numbers: Columbia Startups Raise $7.3 B in Last 12 Months

Did you know that from March 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021, Columbia entrepreneurs raised $7.3 billion for their businesses? Startups.Columbia.Edu, powered by Crunchbase, has the latest stats behind the Columbia entrepreneurship and venture capital ecosystem – including the ability to look at data specific to your school. 

Crunchbase data is user generated, so be sure to set up a profile and keep it up to date if you’re a Columbia entrepreneur!


Here are the steps:


1- Register for a Crunchbase Account. 

2- Create a Person profile for yourself (this means choose “Person” in step 6).

Don’t forget to include your Columbia school in your education (whether it be Columbia Engineering, Columbia Business School, etc.):

Entering Education in Crunchbase


3- Create a Company profile for your business (this means choose “Company” in step 6).

Don’t forget to put yourself as a founder after you’ve created your Person profile, so you can find yourself as a Founder here:

Adding Founder into company on Crunchbase


4- Want to add more employees to your company? Here are the steps for that.


Why create a Crunchbase profile?

In addition to being a part of our searchable Columbia database, Crunchbase means exposure to 55 million users who are professionals and business leaders in tech.

  • For founders: get discovered by investors looking for their next round, or by other tech companies looking for their next acquisition or other partnership.
  • For investors: stay relevant and show your expertise and experience to founders
  • For current & past students of Columbia: represent and show the impact of your alma mater!

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