Chris Dixon '96 GS

The Savviest Angel Investor in Tech

Chris Dixon is a well­-respected, successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He currently works with Andreessen Horowitz after being snatched away from Ebay, for whom he worked after the company acquired Dixon’s second startup, Hunch.

In 2005, Dixon co­founded web security startup SiteAdvisor, which was quickly purchased in 2006 by the software security giant, McAfee. In 2009 Dixon cofounded Hunch before moving onto the seed­stage venture capital fund Founder Collective, through which he invested in Buzzfeed, Uber, and Venmo, to name a few. Other personal investments include Foursquare, Kickstarter, and Warby Parker. In 2010, Bloomberg Business named Dixon the savviest angel investor in tech, topping a list with the likes of Googlers Chis Sacca, Aydin Senkut, and Andrea Zurek.

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Dixon decided to move to Andreessen Horowitz, becoming its 7th general partner, because of it’s reputation among entrepreneurs, in addition to its “model with services for entrepreneurs.” He serves on the board of Andreessen Horowitz portfolio companies Airware, BuzzFeed, Coinbase, Improbable, Shapeways, Soylent and Stack Exchange.

Chris Dixon graduated with a B.A. from Columbia University (‘96), his M.A. from the Graduate School of Art and Science in (‘99), and his M.B.A from Harvard Business School (‘03).

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Recent articles from the general partner at a16z, where he does seed-stage and venture-stage investing. His seed and venture investments include: Airware, Shapeways, Coinbase, Oculus,, Buzzfeed, Soylent, Ringly, Stack Overflow, Improbable, OpenBazaar, iCracked, Keybase, Envoy, Skydio, Nootrobox,,

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