Ed Zimmerman Columbia University Professor of Venture Capital

Ed Zimmerman’s illustrious career — from his 25 years at Lowenstein Sandler to his founding of AngelVineVC and First Growth Venture Network — has demonstrated his dedication to helping startups grow with investments from venture capital and private equity firms. Lowenstein Sandler was ranked among the five most active law firms in America for VC and PE deals in 2013 by Dow Jones, thanks in large part to Zimmerman’s provision of legal counsel as Chair of the company’s Tech Group. He also founded AngelVineVC in 2002 and GrapeArborVC in 2006, both of which aim to connect angel investors with early-stage ventures. His latest VC enterprise, First Growth Venture Network, was founded in 2009 with the mission of identifying high potential entrepreneurs and providing them with a network to support their growth.

In addition to his highly active professional life in the VC and startup realms, Zimmerman has published more than 75 columns on the Accelerators page of the Wall Street Journal as a WSJ Expert Panelist. He also serves as an advisor to the President of France on the Conseil Stratégique de l’Attractivité of France, advocates for the professional LGBTQ community, and shares his vast knowledge of (and enthusiasm for) wine as the host of Radio Uncorked.

Ed has been an Adjunct Professor of Venture Capital at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business since 2005.

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