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EdLab at Teachers College Columbia University designs, develops, and researches learning applications and educational resources to advance innovations in learning and teaching.

EdLab-developed resources that might be helpful to your work include:

EdLab GroundBreakers Interviews with EdTech-focused Entrepreneurs: We are developing a video series on the work and life of local and international “edupreneurs.” If you or a colleague would like to be considered for this opportunity, please let us know by sending an email to:

EdLab Seminars: EdLab hosts seminars at the EdLab space on the 5th Floor of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College (almost) every Wednesday (please visit this page for the schedule). These events offer startups the chance to showcase their learning applications and innovations to receive structured feedback from both the EdLab and Teachers College community.

New Learning Times (NLT): NLT is a digital, daily publication reporting on new and innovative developments in the education/learning and edtech space. Check out the EdLab reviews, profiles of learning innovators and short-form learning research sections. Please feel free to signup (Free onetime sign-up), explore and share this exciting new mobile publication!

ResearchBroker: This tool connects education-focused entrepreneurs to skilled researchers who are passionate about validating new ideas in the industry.

Vialogues: Create meaningful discussion around video. Share demo videos with mentors and request feedback from your team. Video + Dialogue = Vialogues (Learn how to get-started here!)!

EdLab Demo Night: EdLab hosts Demo Nights throughout the year. Focused on educational entrepreneurship, these events are held in the EdLab space at Teachers College and showcase the work of local education-focused entrepreneurs. For more information be sure to visit the EdLab events page and create an EdLab account. To suggest companies to present at future events, please email:

All EdLab products and tools are open and free to the Columbia University community. EdLab events are almost all open as well. Please visit the EdLab events page for more details.

Create a free EdLab account, and gain access to current and future EdLab products and projects that enhance the ways you learn, teach, research, and share your work. EdLab is engaged in designing, developing, and creating original content, educational technologies, and opportunities for the Teachers College, Columbia University and edtech communities to connect and collaborate.

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