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Social Solar

In 2012, Donna ’17BUS sea-kayaked Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park (GBNP). On the 21-day wilderness trip, she paddled 232 miles. She and her team of two other guides-in-training took turns planning, navigating, and leading the daily paddle with keen attention given to the massive 20-foot changes in sea levels between high and low tides. Having experienced the reality of climate change firsthand, and decided to act, and founded Social Solar.

The way electricity is produced today pollutes the earth, air, and water. In addition, electricity is too expensive. Clean energy with battery storage is a viable and responsible alternative. Social Solar is a trusted third-party online platform that matches families and businesses seeking community solar opportunities with vetted community solar developers. In the future, Social Solar believes that instead of utility companies telling customers what they owe, customers will tell utility companies what they will pay.

If you’re ready to learn more, save more, use less, pay less, and more importantly, drive and not ride, join Social Solar.