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The Brown Institute for Media Innovation

The Transparency Series – Series 8, Data Visualization (Workshop)


A unique set of seminars and hands-on workshops that bring new technology and design ideas to the Columbia Journalism community. The goal is simple — help students learn new ways to find and tell stories, new ways to inform and entertain. Each topic will commence with a Friday evening panel discussion and will follow with a Saturday hands-on workshop centered around building.

Students attending three of the seminar-workshops over the course of the year will receive a graduation award indicating the extra breadth they sought out during their time at the J-School.



Graphical (or pictorial) presentations of data have become an almost essential part of journalistic practice. Data visualization helps us see patterns in data, and is an important tool for finding stories. Also, outlets like The New York Times and The Guardian are publishing data visualizations that push the idea of story telling, creating new data-driven ways to inform and entertain. In this day-long workshop, Mona Chalabi will review some basic data visualization skills–guiding you through the design process. You will add annotation layers and learn to exploit what’s unique about data. During the day, we will also help you think critically about visualizations, making you a better consumer of data graphics.