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Mohamed Altantawy ’12SEAS and Sage Wohns ’12BUS launched Agolo with a simple mission in mind: simplify the noise of the Internet. While students at Columbia, they started hacking prototypes together with an objective of creating a next-generation search product. They grew this vision into a business with the help of their first investor, Columbia’s Lang Fund for Entrepreneurship.

 At Agolo, the mission is to make sense of the real-time Web so users can immediately discover the most relevant and actionable information in order to spend their offline time more meaningfully.  Their proprietary Natural Language Processing unearths the earliest indicators for things like inflection points in the perception of Bitcoin, GE stock price or even Lady Gaga’s latest fashion moves.

Agolo is making two big assumptions about real-time Web activity and semantic search.  First they’re betting that the 500M tweets generated each day, the billion Instagram likes, and the 145B emails we all generate is simply too much information to process manually.

Secondly, they’re securing this bet through the efforts of their team of data scientists who’ve developed a proprietary NLP engine that instantly analyzes real-time feeds to deliver the earliest indicators of events, emerging trends and long tail content that fits users’ interests.

Data overabundance means that timely, relevant, and personalized information is being created and lost because of the speed and volume of the real-time web.  Agolo ensures that the user is aware of the most relevant information that would otherwise be undiscovered.

Check out their recent press hits in TechCrunch and Forbes.  Then login at to be a beta tester!