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Amy Ling Lin ‘16BUS

Sundays was inspired by a chain of nail salon boutiques that I started close to four years ago in the city. Having worked in the nail salon business for the past few years, I have discovered quite a few business opportunities, including addressing the perception of harmful chemicals being used in the workplace environment. To address this, Sundays is focused on developing innovative organic spa products and wellness services.

Sundays focuses on providing a friendly customer experience using an eco-friendly approach with natural products that fit our passion to stay ‘green.’ Placing non-toxic services at the forefront of sundays’ business model not only benefits our clients, but also protects our employees who may otherwise be exposed to harmful chemicals. We have developed a unique blend of our 5-free non-toxic nail polish collection, aromatherapy organic lotion, soothing massage bars, and other eco-friendly wellness products to share with our clients.

Another significant focus of sundays is to empower our employees through their professional development and general wellbeing. We support our employees’ continuing education and offer sustainable living benefits through fair wages, paid vacation, and sick days.

For our next growth phase, we plan to expand sundays’ services to the workplace, hotel, and home.

We are currently partnering up with organizations to offer our eco-friendly nail care and stress free massage services, as studies have shown that they improve employee productivity. These services will be offered on-site and in our studio showroom. We will have our non-toxic nail care product line ready for sale, slated to operate for e-commerce business at the beginning of July.

See our website here.