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Radiator Labs

Founded by Marshall Cox ’13SEAS, Radiator Labs has created The Cozy: a NEST-like thermostat for your unruly steam radiator. Have you ever woken up in the winter to a boiling hot room and opened the window only to find yourself freezing an hour later when the boiler turned off? That’s exactly what happened to Marshall while he was working towards his PHD at The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Him and his team at Radiator Labs have solved this problem by creating an unobtrusive radiator cover that captures excess heat and distributes it back into the room only when it is needed. The result is a pleasant, smartphone-connected, evenly heated room no longer at the mercy of its imprecise boiler. Folks are starting to take notice too. Radiator Labs was recently named a 2014 Popular Science Innovation award winner and was the winner of the MIT Clean Energy Prize. The Cozy is available for pre-order now and is expected to be shipped in the fall of 2014. Visit them at