Frameology: The New Website Every Photo Lover Should Love

In an age of snapping, cropping, filtering, posting, scrolling, and liking, photos are ubiquitous, but hardly ever in tangible, non-digital form. A recently launched start-up is trying to change that. “Your memories are the most important thing you have,” says Ben Koren, founder of Frameology, a photo-framing website that aims to capture and save those memories in analog form.

Koren is well positioned to lead a return to traditional photo display. His father has run Framed on Madison, the go-to New York spot for unique and finely crafted frames, since 1986, and the Frameology founder spent summers and school vacations working at the business. Frameology’s crisp, attractive graphics and simplified digital process are his generation’s answer to the well-stocked frame shop, capitalizing on new technology while preserving tradition and craftsmanship.

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