Lin Le ’09SEAS and FlexTra Power Wins This Year’s “Next Top Makers”

We are pleased to announce the Next Top Makers 2015-2016 Fellows! These teams represent a wide range of 21st Century manufacturing businesses. We’re thrilled to work with this talented cohort who is pushing the boundaries of advanced design. From an RFID-enabled dog parker to haptic sleeves, graphene sensors to playful circuitry kits, the Next Top Makers Fellows are creating the next generation of products. Right here in New York City. Get to know the Fellows below! Also, stick with us for the next few weeks as we announce a range of free community workshops.

FlexTraPower specializes in graphene biometric sensors to build an ecosystem of wearable devises. The team predicts a future where consumers demand open platforms and different sensors from different brands. Founded by Linh Le and based at the Columbia Startup Lab in Harlem.

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