Motherbox Contactless Wireless Gadget Charger Unveiled by Columbia Startup Lab Venture Yank

Like the DC Comics Mother Box, Yank Technologies’ MotherBox transports energy from one place to another.

Yank Technologies, headquartered at the Columbia University Startup Lab, has developed a patent-pending wireless charger named MotherBox.

Unlike other wireless charging solutions on the market, The MotherBox does not need to be in contact to the actual device being charged. In other words, the team has developed the first 3D inductive charging pad.

Now, consumers can charge their iOS or Android devices simultaneously and never worry about their charging cables again. The Yank Technologies team is now turning to the crowdfunding community to showcase their new product, engage backers, and help change the way consumers think of wireless charging.

“Technology today is like a sexy Ferrari that’s really low on gas. It’s beautiful and amazing, but limited in reaching its true potential. It doesn’t have to be this way,” said Josh Yank, CEO of Yank Technologies. “We’re excited to finally showcase The MotherBox and help build the foundation for wire-free charging solutions in the years to come.”

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