Startup Directory’s co-founder, Jeet Samarth Raut ’14CU, is from Freeport, a small town in northwestern Illinois. His mother discovered a lump on her breast in 2006 and got a mammogram. The scan was read as negative for breast cancer, though that wasn’t the case. Fortunately, his family sought a second opinion, and treatment for his mother began immediately.

Although everything worked out well in the end, the misdiagnosis could have had a catastrophic outcome. This situation led Jeet to think about the ways in which the process of parsing medical scans could be improved by providing tools for radiologists that help them make better clinical decisions.’s software integrates with existing medical imaging software used by radiologists. We’re in talks with hospital systems and companies that are currently in the space, and we plan on setting up partnerships where our technology is an add-on to existing software.

We recently pitched at Techcrunch Disrupt New York! Checkout our website too.