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Bluenumber Foundation

 Ateli Iyalla ‘06CC and ‘10SPS and Terry Lee ‘13SIPA established the Bluenumber Foundation with Puvan Selvanathan out of a shared passion for solutions to global development challenges.  With a collective experience that spans multilaterals, the private and public sectors, and civil society, they have, individually and collaboratively, realized the enormous value in creating a public registry that aggregates never before collected data on individuals who wish to be included in global systems.

The Bluenumber Foundation (BNF) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organisation headquartered in New York and operating globally. BNF is transforming how the world uses data to recognize and enable the ‘digitally-disenfranchised’. A ‘bluenumber’ enables anyone to let themselves be recognised globally. An individual uses a bluenumber to put a basic set of information about themselves into the public domain. Any existing serial number, code, name, identity card number or telephone number in the world can be designated as a bluenumber. BNF promotes the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs) and offers the global public registry of bluenumbers (‘BlueView’) to measure the achievement of the SDGs. Governments, businesses, NGOs and communities use BlueView to make better policy-making decisions and design targeted sustainability solutions. BNF believes making better things happen means having people telling the world exactly who they are, where they are, what they do, what they need and what they want.

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