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Created in 2010 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow ’10JRN, Contently is an online platform for storytelling. It allows freelancers to become their own publishers with free online portfolios.

“We created Contently because we saw the world of publishing changing around us. In the midst of the disruption of traditional journalism, digital advertising and social media, the world economy was in a slump, causing throngs of talented journalists and creative storytellers to strike out on their own as freelancers – and not necessarily by choice.”

They were recently featured in the Times: “Marrying Companies and Content” by David Carr. Published November 10, 2013. “The company has raised $2.3 million in financing, developed a roster of 27,000 writers, grown to 24 employees and has 40 Fortune 500 companies among its clients.”

Shane Snow is a technology journalist in New York City and Chief Creative Officer of Contently. He has written for Wired, Fast Company, Mashable, Poynter, Gizmodo, and many others. You can view his portfolio on Contently.