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In 2005, Martin Varsavsky ’85BUS founded Fon, which is a system of dual access wireless networks. In other words, Fon members agree to share their Wi-Fi signal in exchange for the ability to connect with other members’ hotspots. For this to be possible, members must have either a Fonera router or a router with the Fon software built in.

 As of July, 2013 Fon reportedly has the largest Wi-Fi network in the world, with over eight million hotspots. Fon has collaborated with major telecommunications providers throughout the world in countries such as Britain, Portugal, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany to name a few. These providers have agreed to supply products to their consumers with the Fon software already installed. Fon also has a notable list of investors that includes powerhouses like Atomico Ventures, Google, IndexVentures, Sequoia Capital, and Skype.

 Born in Buenos Aires, Martin Varsavsky is an entrepreneur presently based in Spain. He holds a BA from New York University and a MBA from Columbia Business School. Varasvky’s can also list the founding of and his current presidency of the Varskavsky Foundation to his accomplishments. The organization is a non-profit that gives grants to various NGO’s throughout the world. In addition to working on his various ventures, he also teaches entrepreneurship courses at Columbia University.