Why Design is Important

Have you ever held a toothbrush, driven a car, or used a smart phone? If so, you have already come into contact with the power of good design. From high-tech websites to low-tech infant warmers, human-centered design leads to the creation of great products or services through a deeper understanding of people and their needs.

As most entrepreneurs know, the key to any startup’s viability is the quick and accurate identification of its customer base and a firm grasp on the values of its target market. By reaching out and engaging clients or customers on a personal level at the onset, a young company can develop a more customer-minded business platform, making it more sustainable in the long run.

The process of design is useful not only for building great products, services, or solutions, but also for pursuing a more creative and open-minded approach to life. Design behaviors – collaboration, empathy towards others, prototyping new ideas, and continuous improvement – are important when delving into any new experience. Our work in the Design Studio aims not only to create better and more innovative businesses, but also to bolster the creative confidence of the Columbia community and the excitement of jumping into the unknown.