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While they may not have gotten straight A’s every year in school, Akshai Patel ʼ14CBS and Matt Robins ʼ14CBS knew that they had the skills and traits to succeed in the real world. They realized, though, that not every student has this ability. By giving great schools and teachers the technology to be successful, a positive learning and behavioral revolution would be underway.

With DeansList, schools have the tools to stay on top of important, non-academic information, like records of positive and negative behavior, detentions and consequences, and incentives and motives. With this data at their fingertips, teachers and administrators can drive improvements in terms of non-cognitive skills, socio-emotional learning, diligence, creative problem solving skills, and leadership.

Visit the DeansList website to get a demo of the software or get in contact with the professionals, and make a positive change for your school.