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Nab New, Inc.

Nab New, Inc., co-founded by Michael White ’14SPS, is an online fandom community for the $19.5B collectibles industry that helps fans find, share, and nab new releases before they sell out.

As the collectibles market migrated online—a shift accelerated by COVID 19—a myriad of new e-commerce stores emerged. The result is a fragmented market that is time-consuming to navigate, exacerbates fans’ fear of missing out, and often causes frustration from having to pay big resale markups.

Furthermore, where fans once relied on influencers working their local comic, toy, or music/movie stores to learn about the hottest trends and newest releases, the vital community experience is now relegated to third-party forums, like Facebook and Reddit, that aren’t tailored to their needs.

At Nab New, our mission is to be the daily destination that connects fans with all aspects of the collectibles community—the stores, the products, and each other—so they can engage in and grow their passion.

Check out our progress at, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates.