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Guy Grebla ’15SEAS and Ayuka Kawakami ’13GS are the founders of UWENTIGO. UWENTIGO is a travel technology company which offers a website and a mobile app to help people discover and book travel activities and tours for authentic travel experiences. When travelers visit places, they frequently end up only visiting popular touristic spots. They take some pictures, buy souvenirs, and realize that it’s already time for them to go home. However, many people say that the most memorable travels they took are the ones that opened their eyes, or made them experience something new. We focus on offering experience-based activities and tours which allow travelers to get involved with and learn about the culture, food, music, people, and history of the region. UWENTIGO’s mission is to promote experience-based travels and help people take advantage of their vacation days to discover new ideas and experience a different way of life.

Find out more about Uwentigo on Anyone who loves traveling and is interested in becoming a beta tester, reach out to