Shray Facial Masks Hydrate Deep Into Your Pores. Try Today!

Shray masks are designed with a unique formula that hydrates, repairs, and boosts your skin’s metabolism for healthy glowing skin. Unlike other skincare brands that use cotton for their face masks, SHRAY uses a thinner natural wood-pulp material making it easier for hydration to travel through your pores.

Which Mask Fits YOUR Skin Best?

Go-Getter Goddess (our featured summer mask!): For those with aging skin – this mask has cell renewal properties and protects your skin against aging, wrinkles, and sun damage. Visit the Go-Getter Goddess

Queen Bee: For those with oily and acne-prone skin – this mask uses honey extract and amino acids to suppress acne and reduce inflammation/redness. Visit the Queen Bee

Ms. Amazing: For those with dry or sensitive skin – this mask contains natural ingredients that work beneath the skin’s surface to lock in moisture, promote cell growth, and tighten pores. Visit Ms. Amazing

Alyson Pidich and Amanda Chen `CBS15 understand the frustration of lingering skin conditions coupled with underwhelming beauty products. By founding Shray, they made a commitment to creating a new wave of flawless and affordable skincare products for women like them.

Shray isn’t like any other skin care company — it focuses on simultaneously instant and long-lasting hydration for your face. Their specially-crafted masks combine traditional Asian beauty treatments with state-of-the-art, modern medicine, resulting in a fresh perspective on the skin care market and a product unlike any other. Shray’s products will leave you and your skin feeling fresh and revitalized.

Shray currently offers three types of masks that target specific issues: anti-aging, intense hydration, and acne. All Shray products will soon be available online, as well as through a variety of on-demand beauty services.

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