Wherever you are in your startup journey, Columbia can help you make the most of your time on campus.

Columbia Startup Lab Morningside offers programming, social events, and guidance for current Columbia students, including students of Barnard and Teachers College, interested in entrepreneurship and human-centered design.

A picture of students at the CSL Morningside Kickoff
Students at the CSL Morningside Kickoff, Fall 2022


This includes events and workshops for those interested in learning the basics of entrepreneurship on topics such as:

  • Going from idea to action
  • Testing product-market fit
  • Customer discovery
  • Team building
  • Fundraising
  • Incorporation and legal considerations

Current Columbia, Barnard, and Teachers College students who are actively working on a startup idea are also eligible to gain access to additional mentorship and open work space by becoming members of CSL Morningside.

Students who participate in CSL Morningside programming and workshops will find themselves particularly ready to participate in the Columbia Venture Competition, which kicks off in the Spring. Columbia alumni are encouraged to consider the Columbia Startup Lab in Soho to continue growing their business full time.

Please fill out this application for consideration. Admission is rolling until we are at capacity, at which point a waitlist will be created.