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Columbia Lab to Market Accelerator Network

Application Deadline: Inventrust Hackathon

Learn more and apply here.

This hackathon invites those interested in the problem of empowering intention to submit applications and then to participate in developing solutions for a particularly important societal problem—medical clinical trials. Recruitment—of employees, donors, and supporters—is the lifeblood of businesses, philanthropic organizations, and political candidates. For example, it has been reported that a major U.S. Democratic Presidential primary candidate spent $7.5 million in three weeks on Google paid search ads. That works out to roughly $140 for each of the roughly 50,000 voters whose votes were decisive in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election—in just THREE WEEKS. Of course, there are U.S. laws against paying for votes, but might there be a better way of recruiting political support?

The hackathon asks applicants to submit ideas and/or build solutions applying digital incentives to the recruitment challenge. Blockchain could be relevant here. For example, for looking at ads, users can receive Basic Attention Tokens as rewards, which can then be used to support publishers.