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Retouch Haiti

Retouch Haiti is an e-commerce photo and video post-production service based in Haiti.

Retouch Haiti is a social enterprise that combines creativity and technological innovation founded by Camille Park, ’19BUS.  Its mission is to provide graduates from the Artists Institute, a film and audio engineering college in Haiti, with a specialized training program in e-commerce photo and video post-production. With these graduates, Retouch Haiti operates an e-commerce photo and video post-production service that specializes in providing global retailers, brands, and creative agencies with high quality, high volume, fast turnaround creative capabilities at a competitive price.

Retouch Haiti’s program is powered by Splashlight, a visual content leader known for the highest standards in e-commerce photography and video, providing the same best-in-class methodology and expertise used in their company.  There exists a wide quality gap between current offshore vendors and the industry’s quality expectations. Retouch Haiti aims to fill it by leveraging Splashlight’s expertise in photo and video retouching and building upon the Artists Institute graduates’ outstanding video education in order to provide a superior quality product that is currently unavailable in the marketplace. The big picture vision is to establish a successful business model that can be expanded in Haiti and replicated around the world to create sustainable employment for young people in the global creative industry.