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Founded by Gemma Torras Vives and Shanna Crumley, both ’18SIPA, A4ED transforms non-formal learning and achievements into opportunities for refugees and vulnerable populations. 

A4Ed aims to solve the lack of access to formal education and employment faced by refugees.

Consider the issues facing the MENA region, for example. The “Lost Generation” is a crisis of education for Syrian refugee youth who lack access to educational and employment opportunities. Without access, an entire generation of Syrians is growing up without education, and in turn, without economic opportunities and social mobility. Currently in Jordan, there is a huge generation of youth where the 40% of Syrian youth currently unable to access formal education opportunities and part of the 95% of unemployed youth because they lack official recognition and accreditation mechanisms for their non-formal learning and achievement.

A4ED transforms non-formal learning and achievements into opportunities for refugees. It provides a platform to track, store and verify refugees’ non-formal learning and skills, creating a “digital backpack” of classes, workshops, internships and skills that together, can help a refugee move forward with education and employment. A4Ed leverages mobile and blockchain technology to ensure that governments, international organizations, NGOs, educational institutions and employers are able to document non-formal learning and skills in the most inclusive, secure and transparent way.