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Aisling Knits

At first blush Aisling Camps ʼ08SEAS, seems a bundle of contradiction. Her Gaelic name belies her Trinidadian heritage. Her passion for knitwear contradicts her education as a mechanical engineer. Even her hand-made designs go against the conventional thinking of what traditional knitted designs can do.

Aisling Camps '08SEAS
Aisling Camps ’08SEAS

 After graduating Columbia with an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering she dutifully went to work for a consulting company but never quite found contentment in her day-to-day assignments. As her mind wandered and her eyes gazed out the window, a cluster of buildings came into focus. It was the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her vocation would soon change.

Two or three classes became an Associate’s Degree; the Associate’s a Bachelor’s and the Bachelor’s turned into AislingKnits line of knitwear designs that defies expectations and is perfectly complementary with her contradictory nature: knitted styles for summer.

Aisling-Knits-Aisling designs and creates bespoke cardigans, tops, and dresses that bloom in warm sunlight.

See the collection for yourself. When it debuted, she saw the fruits of her labor and talent pay off big time with a constant stream of orders. Today, Aisling works tirelessly in New York to produce, promote, and perfect her brand. And in so doing, she sees the symmetry in her life aligning in her AislingKnits brand: Engineered Elegance.