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Barlow Beauty

Dru Armstrong, ’03CC, founded Barlow Beauty to help women (and men) find the most natural and effective skin care and beauty products for them. When Dru got pregnant, she discovered that finding natural but effective beauty products online that fit her needs was overwhelming and time consuming.

Now Barlow Beauty helps busy, health conscious women find their perfect products, without ever having to go into a store. Their curated products are selected by experts based on their safety, naturalness, and effectiveness. They then hand pick products for their customers, based on skin type, preferences, and other unique factors. Barlow Beauty has launched their personalized weekly digest in April 2015 that is customized based on the information customers provide the venture (skin type, budget, etc.). In parallel, they are building a larger platform for beauty.

Sign up today at to get a Barlow Beauty personalized weekly digest. You’ll immediately start getting their favorite seasonal products hand picked for you. Plus, special deals from their favorite brands.