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BringMeThat is the one-stop shop that brings online food delivery to every city in the United States.  They utilize proprietary algorithms to acquire restaurants, which allows them to enter many more markets than sales-driven companies like Grubhub or Seamless can acquire.  As of August 2013, BringMeThat delivers 9000 restaurants in nine states and is growing very quickly.

As a New Yorker and former corporate employee, Jason Liang ’05SEAS is a huge fan of Seamless Web.  He found, however, that when he went back home to Ohio, there were no online food delivery options.

“I knew there had to be an efficient way to bring online food delivery to my hometown and every other city in the country, and that’s how I came up with BringMeThat.”

Before starting BringMeThat, Mr. Liang was Head of Product at a startup called Bundle (acquired by Capital One) and previously worked at Goldman Sachs. Welcome back from the dark side, Jason. Mr. Liang has a BS in Computer Science from Columbia Engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School.