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General Assembly

Co-founded by Columbia College graduate Adam Prtizker ‘07CC, General Assembly is an innovative company that provides an array of courses and workshops on skills for the 21st century. The types of courses given range from web development to business fundamentals, and data science to product management and digital marketing. The company takes a unique learning-by-doing approach to education, bringing like-minded students together to maximize each individual’s experience.

 “We really want to provide educational resources to people who need them,” says Prtizker. “We’ll work with anyone who is looking to level up at work or learn something new within the context of technology, design and business.”

 The first General Assembly Campus was opened in New York City and in only three years the company has grown to include seven campuses worldwide with locations in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Boston, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, and soon to be Brooklyn. As of December 2013, the current estimated network of companies and organizations that General Assembly has is 1,500 affiliates. While the student and professional network is composed of an astounding 65,000 members. Additionally, General Assembly has launched online resources such as FrontRow, a subscription based online library of classes, and Dash, a program that teaches users to code through a set of fictional scenarios.

 Prtizker graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Columbia University in 2007. Subsequently, he worked at Columbia in the Earth Institute where he translated patented technologies into salable products. In addition to being the Executive Chairman of General Assembly he now serves as Chairman and CEO of Assembled Brands.