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Infinio – Downloadable Storage Performance

In 2011, Vishal Misra, Associate Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Computer Science, and his colleagues realized that their work could solve real-world problems. Vishal enlisted experienced software industry entrepreneurs and top-notch engineers (including co-founders Arun Agarwal and Dan Rubenstein) to make that vision a reality.

Based in Cambridge, MA., Infinio builds solutions that improve the data storage performance of virtualized environments. We separate the problem of storage performance from the issue of storage capacity, allowing you to buy performance, not disk.

Accelerator offers a software-only solution that extends the performance life of the NAS you already have. Accelerator is a virtual appliance that uses server-side caching to minimize the I/O traffic load on central storage. You can try Infinio Accelerator without taking your environment down, and without interrupting operations in any way.

Infinio enjoys strong financial backing from tier-one venture capitalists including Highland Capital Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Vishal Misra, Founder & CTO, has taught at Columbia since 2001. He is creating a technology roadmap that must survive the critical eyes of the much smarter people he is lucky enough to have assembled at the company. He is passionate about his family, food, and cricket.