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Kurly Kürtősh

Kurly Kürtősh, founded by Nicole Shaw-Provillon ’07BUS, is an upscale dessert caterer with a unique on-site bakery experience.  We bake authentic Hungarian chimney cakes, artisan style – it is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that makes everyone happy.

Chimney cakes are a cross between a hollow churro and a donut. But why do people love them so much? People are fascinated as to how we prepare and bake the chimney cakes in front of them and then customize them with their choice of toppings.  But most importantly, because they taste soooo good! 

While living in Budapest, Hungary for 4 years, Nicole fell in love with chimney cakes (called kürtőskalács in Hungarian) and ultimately made it her purpose to share one of Hungary’s favorite (fun) street foods with Americans.   Her journey started with baking on the streets of Budapest with locals to training under an award-winning Hungarian chimney cake baker.  She traveled to Transylvania (one of many theories of its origin) to experience a traditional chimney cake.  Honorably, she was invited to bake chimney cakes for the Hungarian Embassy in Washington, DC for their biggest public event of the year.  It’s with deep experience and over 2,000 chimney cakes baked, that she proudly shares with us her love of chimney cakes. 

Kurly Kürtősh offers a unique on-site bakery experience for private and corporate events.  To offer you the best chimney cake experience, the ingredients are internationally sourced and your event space is embodied with a fun and welcoming environment. If you want an extraordinary event experience in the Northern NJ/Metro NYC area, contact Nicole at