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Syga Thomas, ’04CC launched MAONO with one thought in mind, that “Everyone should have the right to Luxury.” MAONO is based in Washington D.C. due to the area’s unique cultural blend of fashion and power. The District is a playground for some of the world’s most influential minds, working together to create lasting change.

MAONO adheres to a strict code of lifestyle ethics, and sometimes that means coming up with a new way of thinking. Their fabrics are sourced from every corner of the world, bringing their customers some of the finest materials available. Selling their products exclusively through their website and select pop-up locations enables them to keep costs down and transfer those savings to the customer — and a lower cost means there’s more room to give back.

Being a B Corporation allows MAONO to join a group that represents their values and helps support their commitments to their customers, their employees, the environment and the community. MAONO hopes that they can provide an example of how all businesses should act and the B Corp model will ensure that they are living up to their own mission to change the world.

Maono was featured in a Laura Dunn article in HuffPost.  Check it out!