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RENTALYA is the Rent the Runway for beautifully curated South Asian attire and accessories.

The typical South Asian living in the US wears these pieces to weddings and large events, 40% of which are now multicultural affairs with attendees requiring more than three outfits per wedding. RENTALYA partners with fashion labels and designers to provide the US consumer with access to high quality, fashionable pieces at an affordable, rental price point.

Founders, Nisha Balwani ’19BUS and Lauren Whitehead ’20BUS, met on the first day of their Foundations of Entrepreneurship class when they serendipitously sat next to each other. Their friendship evolved into foundership as they worked together on what would eventually become RENTALYA, fueled by their parallel passion for fashion, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Have a South Asian wedding to attend or know someone that does? Tell them about RENTALYA! Visit our website here for the highest quality selection of outfits and simply rent, *look amazing*, and return!