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Boris Kheyn-Kheyfets, ‘16BUS

Seecure uses artificial intelligence to prevent public safety threats. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA and are passionate about the use of technology to combat crime and terror. We started out as a B2C company providing wearable cameras to security conscious professional women. When the customer felt unsafe, the customer would tap the camera and this would send a request to their friends to monitor video footage around the customer on their friend’s smartphone.

The friend can counsel the customer or trigger a siren to deter a potential assailant. However, a friend was not necessary, as our algorithm would predict security threats and identify registered sex offenders within 35 feet. Upon further reflection, the strength of the product was in our artificial intelligence system. Therefore, we pivoted to B2G and are now selling our software to governments seeking to prevent terror threats.

Current surveillance technology is complex, costly, and ineffective in combatting new waves of violence. Terror is geographically dispersed and can occur in various modes as evidenced in the Brussel bombings and lone wolf stabbings in Jerusalem. Existing camera infrastructure does not prevent attacks; it is merely used to identify the terrorists. Through deep learning, we identify the behavioral characteristics behind attacks and look for them real-time to alert policemen of an impending attack.

We have four mathematicians with over 40 years combined experience in machine learning algorithms. Additionally, we have two outside sales representatives who previously served on the DOJ counterterror taskforce. We are several months away from preparing a minimal viable product and are discussing potential pilots with law enforcement agencies. We are excited to collaborate with our CSL cohort and learn from them to progress further in our venture.