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Spott3r was born in the heart and mind of Rami Rafeh ’12PH while sitting in an entrepreneurship class at Columbia. During the program, the founder proved himself to be quite the multi-tasker. He was working at Pfizer, where he transitioned to the Worldwide Business Development & Innovation team, took a health information technology program also at Columbia, became a limited partner for a healthcare start-up accelerator, and an advisor to startup incubators. He was working at the time in evaluating external companies in the health & wellness space, so it became a natural transition for him to create a disruptive company aimed at reducing medical cost.

People like to exercise – it makes them feel good and look good, but that’s not always enough to keep them going to the gym. Money might be the necessary boost. Furthermore, many health insurance companies recognize exercise as an investment and cut checks to customers who submit gym logs. In spite of that, many people don’t bother to make claims. And that’s where spott3r fits in – by partnering with gyms and insurance companies with consent by customers to create a win-win-win situation. Why don’t people just make the claims themselves? The typical process is multi-step: providing a gym agreement, proving payment, sometimes showing evidence of cardiovascular equipment, filling out insurance reimbursement requests, and submitting them by mail. With spott3r, the customer simply fills out an online form and sits back while receiving checks. Spott3r does the backend work and in return, takes a small percent from the customer’s reimbursement.

Sign up and spread the word! Spott3r offers free program checks when you register on their website ( to see if you are eligible for a gym reimbursement. If you are, spott3r will put together a reimbursement package to submit to your insurance company on your behalf. If you are not currently eligible, spott3r can provide you offers from their joint venture partners or submit a package when you do become eligible. At a minimum, if you are looking for a new gym or do not have an active membership, spott3r can offer you discounts from their partner gyms.