Collaboratory Creates Opportunity for Students to Win the America Geophysical Union Visualization and Digital Storytelling Competition

Did you know that two Columbia student projects have won the America Geophysical Union Visualization and Digital Storytelling Competition?

The Collaboratory supports the development of innovative, interdisciplinary classes that embed data or computational science into more traditional domains (or the reverse, embeds business, policy, cultural, and ethical topics into the context of a data or computer science curriculum.) One such class is the Meaning in Big Data: Patterns and Empathy, which focuses on revealing sonic and visual representation of complex data and artistic perspectives on the representation of these features in contemporary visual art and music.

As the competition notes: “Powerful visuals can often evoke excitement and emotion, driving a deeper level of engagement with the audience and the data and subject matter being presented.” Columbia students took the skills they learned in Meaning in Big Data and produced winning projects on Earth science that you can check out below.

Eruption dynamics at Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone

Mapping Hurricanes Wind Speed to Color and Sound 




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