Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders
for a Data Rich World


What is the Collaboratory?

Co-founded by Columbia Entrepreneurship and the Data Science Institute, the Collaboratory supports the development of innovative, interdisciplinary curricula that embeds data or computational science into more traditional domains or the reverse, embeds business, policy, cultural, and ethical topics into the context of a data or computer science curriculum.

Why Data Science and Interdisciplinary Literacy?

The increasing availability of data and computational power in society is impacting our world in profound ways. As our ability to generate, store and analyze data grows by the day, so do the opportunities for using those data to improve our economy, our security, the environment and human health.

Scores of professional and research areas are increasingly becoming data driven enterprises, and with this transformation comes a growing need for education that provides universal data and computational literacy. In order to be effective, the leaders of tomorrow, whether they pursue careers in academia, government, business, industry or other avenues, will need to understand how data and data-science are influencing their fields and organizations, now and into the future.

Similarly, as the data science field grows, it benefits from strong literacy in other disciplines such as business, policy, and ethics.

Why a Collaborative Approach?

The knowledge needed to enable tomorrow’s graduates to meaningfully engage in today’s data-rich world will vary by academic background and discipline. Students in Columbia’s Professional Schools will have different needs than undergraduates following the core-curriculum, for example, and needs will also vary between the Professional Schools themselves.


Are you a professor interested in developing an interdisciplinary class through the Collaboratory? Learn more about the Collaboratory Fellows Fund.