A collaboration between the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Columbia Engineering.

Genomics brings massive amounts of data into traditional scientific fields, such as Neuroscience, demanding for a better understanding of Big Data from new experimentalists entering the field. Responding to this demand, “Neurogenomics” will integrate Neuroscience, Genomics, and Data Science.

The course will teach to appreciate scientific rigor of data-driven research, practical skills needed to analyze data, and the interplay between the experimental design and data analysis techniques that are appropriate to the research question.

About the Collaboratory Fellows Fund:

Technology and massive data are reshaping society in profound ways. To be effective, the leaders of tomorrow will need to understand how these transformations are impacting their professions, now and in the future. The Collaboratory Fellows Fund is developing the coursework to allow students to master the technical skills and cultivate the creative thinking to confront the unique challenges in their chosen careers.