About Us

Adeline Thompson, SIPA (Alum)

Originally from Maine with a B.A. in Development Studies from Brown University, Addie came to SIPA from Nike, where she worked in brand marketing for the Emerging Markets region and communications for the Sustainable Business & Innovation team. Prior to Nike, Addie held project management positions at Patagonia (touring their environmental documentary around the US and Canada) and Ashoka (electing social entrepreneurs as Ashoka Fellows throughout the European region).

At SIPA, Addie is earning a Masters in Public Administration degree with a focus on Development Practice, and is interested in using human centered design towards building more effective social enterprises. She is also passionate about developing leaders, managers and teams, specifically using principles of design and creativity. Addie loves mountaineering, camping, climbing and ultrarunning, and has already made these passions part of her life in New York City!